Today on my other blog, Soapbox, I have a post called Appraiser Clearinghouse Concept Is Not A Clear Picture which is a followed to an earlier post on Matrix called [Talking Points] The National Appraisal Clearinghouse.

We seem to be arriving at the appraisal industry’s moment in the sun, courtesy of New York State Attorney General Cuomo, who has taken a follow the mortgage approach and actually approached this disconnect between value and risk in a relevant way. I suspect its going to pass us by quickly so let’s get something accomplished.

Prior efforts by others thought the solution to poor appraisal quality was to simply make it illegal to pressure appraisers. Good grief.


2 Responses to “Outstanding On Our Soapbox: Appraiser Clearinghouse Concept Is Not A Clear Picture”

  1. L'Emmerdeur says:

    If you and Tanta at Calculated Risk has dinner together, the last Seal would be broken, the heavens would be sundered and the Apocalypse would arrive, much to the head-nodding approval of all the doom-and-gloom tin-foil-hat crowd.

    Dawat? I hear Shiva dines there.

  2. L’Emmerdeur – it’s not fanning the flames of doom and gloom at all, it’s being on the front lines and seeing first hand what the problems are and being frustrated at the lip service being paid to solutions until now. Although dinner does sound interesting.