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5-Second Rule Means No Bologna Allowed In The House

With my four sons in my house, three of whom are 6 feet tall or more (my 4th is only 8 years old so give him time), my wife and I have realized that availability of large quanties of food is always essential. Our family has long been a proponent of the 5-second rule, that says that dropped food is safe to eat as long as its been on the ground for no more than 5 seconds [1] (hat tip to Freakanomics [2]). Of course, on the streets of Manhattan, the rule can be modified to 1-second.

I was thinking back a few years when we bought our current house. We knew that the house was right for us or at least in the running, within 5 seconds after entering the house. We had the same experience in our prior home purchase. There was no hard sell needed once we had that feeling.

I’d argue that buyers make up their mind almost immediately when they walk into a house, as to whether its within the realm of possibility as a future home. First impressions are everything.

It would seem to me that the broker’s skill in selling the house is made on or before that moment [3] and not after. The need to fill the silence during the tour with statements like: “Here is the kitchen” drives me crazy.

According to a survey, Men (41%) more likely to put a premium on decor than women (30%) [4] Here’s a useful list of items to focus on when selling a house [5] that appeals to buyers.