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[Getting Graphic] GDP Size Matters (Bailout-wise)

Getting Graphic is a semi-sort-of-irregular collection of our favorite BIG real estate-related chart(s).

Zubin Jelveh’s Odd Numbers blog at Portfolio.com from has a terrifc chart [1] that ranks countries with a bailout in place by percentage of GDP.

Staggering – it makes the US $700B bailout seem like a drop in the bucket relative to other countries. Of course, more drops are coming [2]. Incidentally, those countries on the list have been on a US consumer buying spree, including real estate.

Check out the Paulson interview on Charlie Rose [3] on Tuesday. Is it just me, or was US Treasury Secretary Paulson’s defense of the current administration’s handling of the credit crunch and his job exit strategy strange? I wonder why he would not consider remaining in office (assuming the new president wants him) to oversee the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression?

This just in: The evil man theory of failure. [4]

UPDATE: If you are feeling a little upbeat today – confidence feeling better, likely because it is Friday, I have just the thing to knock you down. No I am not talking about the Dow Futures falling 500 points overnight [5]. Next year, someone is predicting the Dow to drop another 41% [6] over the next year because earnings estimates are too high.

Click here for original graphic. [7]

At some point down the road, albeit later than sooner, won’t we see a surge in real estate activity? Stock market volatility is crazy and borrowers are restrained from financing now. Pent up demand and bloated inventory…