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[Getting Graphic] The Joy Of Heavy Lifting REDUX: Census Releases Real Population Trends

Getting Graphic is a semi-sort-of-irregular collection of our favorite BIG real estate-related chart(s).

In our post yesterday The Joy Of Heavy Lifting: U-Haul From The Closing [1], U-Haul’s PR department took a joy ride with their stats (but it was kinda fun while it lasted).

Some noticeable trends are the large exodus from New York (200,000+/Year from 2000-2004) but there was a population gain due to the increase in immigration [WCBS/AP] [2]. The 1990’s exodus to other states from California and from the Northeast appears to have eased since 2000, but not in metropolitan New York [NYT] [3], a Census Bureau analysis says.

Massachusetts was second on the list while there was a significant gain in Nevada, Arizona and Florida [4].

Click here for full graphic [BG] [5]

Source: Boston Globe