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[Housing Economy] Runnin’ With The Devil

For those of you who are Van Halen [1] fans (my freshman college roommate and I blew out speakers playing the album), this edited mp3 clip of Runnin’ with the Devil [2]represents the general level of understanding of the economy as it related to housing in 2007 pre-credit crunch.

…in other words, only lead singing and no music [2].

Housing was described almost as an afterthought by many economists and analysts. In retrospect, it was a pretty significant disconnect. However, the state of housing itself may be a bit overstated [3].

Caroline Baum at Bloomberg laid out the story last year quite nicely in Housing? What Housing? I Don’t See Any Housing [4] and it stuck with me. When I came across the Van Halen clip, I remembered the article. Ok, so I’m not the easiest guy to figure out.

Van Halen Clip [Lead Singing only] [2] (hilarious without the music)
Van Halen Clip [Full version] [5]

Riff. Strum. Sigh.