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[In The Media] Giving Bloomberg, Marketwatch and Forbes A Swollen TV Eye

Here’s a series of clips that cover the release of our RPX Monthly Housing Report on Friday [1]. I am recovering from an eye infection (my left eye for those who think I look the same as always) so it looks like the market beat me up.

Radar Logic [2] released the November 2007 RPX Monthly Housing Market Report [3] last Friday at 9 AM. Here is a sample of the coverage:

Bloomberg TV On The Economy interview [4]

Kathleen Hays always does a great job covering the residential housing market while able to dropping the hyperbole that plagues residential real estate news coverage.

MarketWatch TV interview [5]

Its always fun to do an interview on MarketWatch [5]. Besides MarketWatch TV, the clip was posted in the WSJ’s Developments Blog [6] which has become a regular read for me. They are upgrading their control room and did the interview right in the middle of all their reporters. I asked to switch sides with Kelsey so my swollen eye wouldn’t look so obnoxious.

Forbes TV interview [7]

The Forbes TV interview was painful (physically) as my eye condition got worse during the day. Still, I appreciated the opportunity to be on their program and see Malcolm Forbes’ motorcycle in their lobby.

WCBS Radio interview [8]

The WCBS Radio interview was impromptu and done from a corner of the lobby of the Forbes building while there was a torrential downpour occurring outside.