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Inman Becomes InMatrix…Well, Not Really

I have to say I got a lot out of the Inman Connect conference in New York [1] last week. I found the attendees were mainly decision-makers, which was refreshing, and everyone I spoke with was excited to be there. I met a slew of bloggers and real estate technology companies I follow and respect, got to moderate a well-attended panel discussion on valuation with four real sharp people [2], do an interview on video, see some new publications, and most importantly, got several different trade show carry-on bags (to be stored in a closet for a theoretical later use).

I could also say everyone at the conference was insulated from reality because I had to close my office Tuesday morning. We were all feeling the effects of the not-actually-gas-but-it-still-burned-your-eyes-and-made-you-feel-dizzy-and-naseaus leak [3] and yet my office was only 4 blocks away.

Just before the conference, Jessica Swesey, Managing Editor of Inman News [4] invited about a half dozen bloggers to expand the Inman blog content by providing contributions. I am happy to say Matrix is one of them. We actually log-in directly to their blog and provide unedited content, much of which will also be presented on our own blogs.

The other bloggers that were invited (and are also my blog-roll and are daily reads), were Bloodhound Blog [5], Transparent RE [6], Mortgage Reports [7] and 360 Digest [8].