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[Inman RE Connect] Brokers v Economists, Republicans v Democrats

Another Inman News Real Estate Connect conference [1] is behind us and as a result, I feel more informed, was able to meet new industry people, be exposed to new concepts, was able to see many colleagues, get another Inman bag full of pens and post-it note thingies. In other words, it was time well spent.

Brad Inman provided a great overview of his interpretation of where the market was going to the audience at the close of the conference, which was rational, clear and in many ways, the distillation of all the information and filtered spin that was presented over the previous three days. I need to listen to Brad more often – I wish his summary was available (Hey Joel, how about his summary for Inman TV [2]?)

Housing market direction discussion throughout the conference was essentially presented by two camps which seemed to parallel the ongoing presidential primaries:

Thats why this period of housing turbulence feels a lot like the presidential primaries. [6] Its all about how the information is presented, whether or not its in the right context and whose interests are being served.