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Inman TV: Blogging Superstars Clip

Well, it was pretty flattering to be in the company of bloggers that I admire so much as panelists at Inman Real Estate Connect [1]. Inman TV posted a clip of the panel discussion. Brad moderated the The Blogging Superstars panel [2]. Superstars as a name is a bit over the top. There are so many great bloggers out there.

Real Estate Video by – Real Estate Blogger [3]

All the panelists spent some time together in the green room (it wasn’t green) before going on stage. Even though the audience was 1,000+, cameras, stage, etc. I thought the mood was pretty relaxed. Brad is very engaging as an interviewer. Teresa is a dynamo [4], Kevin pulls no punches [5], Ardell is truly innovative [6] and Noah is rentless relentless [7].

Although technology was being pushed and blogging was seen as a marketing vehicle to all real estate agents, I didn’t really agree (but I was the only non-agent on the panel). I think all agents should consider blogging for marketing their brand, but for the majority, it just won’t work. Given the time constraints, variation in writing ability and the ability to connect with the audience, its hit or miss. In addition, everyone on the stage approached blogging differently, so there is no simple template.

However, passion for our topic was what all of us clearly had in common approach. I’d almost say that there needs to be an underlying desire to put your thoughts out to the public, to the point where your friends and family ask the question: “So tell me again why you are doing this?” I think your blog’s association with your business almost needs to be an afterthought.

Here’s a photo [8], and yet another [9], and another [10], and another. [11]

Guy Kawasaki [12], formerly of Apple Computer [13] once defined the Internet as:

“[30] million people interacting with people they don’t know; about topics they don’t understand; for reasons they can’t explain.”

Thats how blogging started for me.