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[Interview] Kevin Gillen PHD, Economist, Econsult, Wharton

This week, I have a conversation with economist Dr. Kevin Gillen [1], Vice President of Econsult [2] and is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania as a Research Fellow in its Institute for Urban Research [3], through which he publishes his quarterly updates on the current state of Philadelphia’s housing and condominium markets [4].  He’s been sharing his research each quarter [5] with the readers of my other blog, Matrix for which I am grateful.

In the podcast we cover his Philadelphia Housing Indices, as well as the three key economic hurdles facing the Philadelphia’s housing market:

  1. Problems with the accuracy and proposed redistribution of tax assessments

  2. The controversial 10-year tax abatement [6]

3. Political turmoil relating to the building trades and the associated above average cost of construction.

Much of his commentary is in the context of the US housing market.

Note: I am still experiencing a lag in the audio capture via the combination of Skype and WireTap Studio so there are moments where it sounds like I am interrupting the answer.   Please overlook this – I’ll figure it out eventually and it doesn’t detract from the clarity that Kevin provides to a complex housing situation.

[podcast format=”video” width=”300″ height=”18″]https://www.millersamuel.com/wp-content/uploads/oldimages/podcasts/20090525-the-housing-helix-podcast-economist-kevin-gillen-phd-econsult-wharton.m4a[/podcast]