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[Interview] Jerry Feeney, Esq, Real Estate Attorney

In this podcast, I got to catch up with Jerry Feeney [1], a terrific real estate attorney who specializes in representing buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions as well as institutional lenders in the New York City metro area.  He brings a wide range of experience to the table, including a stint with the SEC, working for law firms specializing in litigation and real estate, before establishing his own firm.

A most importantly, he succinctly answers a legal terminology question that keeps me up at night.

[podcast format=”video” width=”300″ height=”18″]https://www.millersamuel.com/wp-content/uploads/oldimages/podcasts/2009.12.21-The-Housing-Helix-Podcast-Jerry-Feeney-Esq-Real-Estate-Attorney.m4a[/podcast]