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[Interview] Justin Fox, Time Magazine Columnist, Curious Capitalist Blogger, The Myth of the Rational Market Author

In this podcast, I have a conversation with Justin Fox [1], economics and business columnist [2] for Time Magazine and author of the book The Myth of the Rational Market [3]: A History of Risk, Reward, and Delusion on Wall Street.

As publisher Harper Collins [4] says about the book: “Chronicling the rise and fall of the efficient market theory and the century-long making of the modern financial industry, Justin Fox’s The Myth of the Rational Market is as much an intellectual whodunit as a cultural history of the perils and possibilities of risk.”

Here’s his interview on The Daily Show [5] with Jon Stewart.

I first became acquainted with Justin by stumbling on his blog The Curious Capitalist [6] which takes complex economic issues and translates them into everyday speak.

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[Audio Quality Alert] What began as a 30-minute interview was cut to 18 minutes because of a random recurring podcast issue I have been trying to resolve: audio distortion. About 18 minutes into the interview I had to cut it short. My sincere apologies to Justin. But I got an idea and I set out this past weekend to solve the mystery. I am happy to report: problem solved going forward – I explain how at the end of the podcast – so much for myth of the rational podcast.

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