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Mortgage Fraud: Hiding True Occupant Of Apartment From Lender [part 6 update]

About a month ago, we had a situation where the lender called us to hide the true occupant of the unit we were appraising. [Mortgage Fraud: Hiding True Occupant Of Apartment From Lender [Soapbox].](http://soapbox.millersamuel.com/?p=78)

The same lender (clarification: loan officer for a national lender) calls us up a month later and decided to go with the original appraisal after all (option 1). This was the report with the effective date that was the same as the inspection date making the occupant a tenant at the time of inspection.

Apparently the panic emergency call last month was not a deal killer. I think thats the lesson here. If you stick to your guns and always remain consistent, and of course ethical, most of these emergencies will go away. Of course this calibur of loan officer will move on to the next appraiser who will accommodate.

Just imagine for a moment…if this lender could not find anyone morally flexible enough to make the initial change the client wanted.

What a wonderful world this would be…