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Neutral Is A Place I’d Rather Be

Its late, I’m tired, and I’m thinking, what type of appraisal work do I enjoy most?

A neutral appraisal in a divorce case. Really?

In divorce matters, appraisers have the opportunity to build a business that is less dependent on interest rates.

Thats my mantra – focus on business opportunities that will keep the volatility down and most importantly, find a client base that appreciates your expertise.

Mortgage related business is generally very easy to get. However, the margins are low, turn times are fast and the client generally wants a form filled out.

In the New York , the courts refer to an appraiser who is court appointed as a “neutral.” I do a lot of this type of work. I appreciate it because I am paid fairly for my services, I get paid in advance, I usually have several weeks to complete the assignment, and I generally find that attorneys are easy and professional to deal with.

What is a neutral appraiser? Here are some thoughts and guidelines.

How do you develop this business?

Over the years, I have always recommended it to the lawyers or individuals that call me to represent them. Its a compelling argument because it saves each party from hiring their own appraiser. I’d estimate that 90% of the time I make the suggestions, I am proposed as an expert to the other side.