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Outstanding On Our Soapbox: Taking License With Appraisals

There has been a lot of great content presented by my guest columnists (and, ahem..me) on my other blog Soapbox [1] as of late. Its a pleasure to have their contributions. Admittedly its appraiser-centric content, but isn’t that a big part of the credit crunch? Lack of understanding of mortgage risk and one way its measured is via value of the collateral.

Sounding Bored – My recent post outlines the problems with licensing the appraisal profession (hint: because it doesn’t go far enough) in Deja Vu: How Licensing Killed The Appraisal Industry As We Know It. [2]

The Hall Monitor – Todd uses a tongue in cheek analysis of current appraisal practice and comes up with new rules for us to live by in Let’s Get The PAP Out Of USPAP! [3]. [4]

Fee Simplistic – Marty dissects the credit crunch for us via Tin Pan Alley music [5] in The Paper Moon in the Cardboard Sky; Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered; Don’t Know Why There’s No Sun Up in the Sky-Stormy Weather: How Tin Pan Alley Can Better Explain the Credit Crunch Than Alan Greenspan [6]

Palumbo on USPAP – Joe speaks to the labyrinth of appraisal guidelines that exist and the problems with loosening the reigns in USPAP 2008: Be Careful What You Wish For [7].

There will be a quiz on Tuesday…