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Miller Samuel in the News

01/03/2004 New York Post

A New Studio Rush

01/02/2004 Newspaper

Quarterly Home Prices Rise Fastest in25 Years

12/25/2003 New York Times

The Price of Luxury Is Stirring Again

12/21/2003 Crain’s New York Business

Apartment Prices Versus Maintenance Fees

12/21/2003 New York Post

Holding The Line

12/19/2003 Financial Times

Where to look in Manhattan

12/09/2003 Realtor Magazine

Manhattan: Average Home Price Reaches New Height

12/08/2003 New York Sun

Average Manhattan Home Price Reaches New Height, Topping 1M

11/26/2003 Christian Science Monitor

Seniors still take a bite out of the Big Apple

11/21/2003 Crain’s New York Business

Smaller Apartments Gain Favor

11/19/2003 New York Observer

Brazillionaires Hurl Less Lucre at N.Y. Palaces

11/15/2003 CNN Money

Own a piece of Manhattan? Dream on!

Showing 9733 - 9744 of 10082