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Miller Samuel in the News

02/19/2004 New York Times

Alls Fair in Love and Listings

02/13/2004 New York Sun

Developers Aid Both Hotel and Residential Markets

02/12/2004 Our Town / Spirit

Once Again, Manhattan Becomes Sellers’ Market

02/10/2004 The Real Deal

Appraisers Pressured to “Hit the Number”

02/10/2004 The Real Deal

After Record High, Apartments Slip

02/10/2004 The Real Deal

Joining Apartments a Winning Combination

02/08/2004 Chicago Tribune

NY Apartment Inventory Cut

02/06/2004 New York Newsday

Catering To The Single Buyer

02/04/2004 Bloomberg News

Harder to Find

02/02/2004 Appraisal Intelligence

Changing Market in Manhattan Presents Challenges for Appraisers

01/31/2004 Newsday

Fears of rate hikes and waning home prices light a match under jittery buyers and sellers

01/23/2004 New York Newsday

A Tale of Two Markets

Showing 10105 - 10116 of 10485