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Miller Samuel in the News

05/19/2000 Associated Press

Apartment costs are on the rise in New York City

05/17/2000 New York Times

Survey in Manhattan Shows Economic Boom

04/24/2000 National Post

Vital Signs

04/19/2000 New York Post

Manhattan Apt. Prices Hit Home

04/18/2000 Bloomberg News

Average Manhattan Apartment More Than 700,000, Report Says

04/13/2000 New York Times

Rising Cost of Housing Still No Match for Sky-High 80s

04/02/2000 New York Times

In All Five Boroughs, High Goes Higher

03/30/2000 New York Daily News

And the Winner Is: Tim Burton

03/16/2000 New York Daily News

Housing Boom

03/02/2000 New York Daily News

Celebs Seek Big Prices in Hot Market


Average NYC Apartment Tops Half Mil

02/08/2000 New York Times

Manhattan Homes Average 569,000

Showing 10105 - 10116 of 10136