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Miller Samuel in the News

05/14/1999 New York Times

Upper East Side Co-op Going Condo

04/23/1999 New York Times

Tenant-Led Loft Conversion to Co-op Paying Off

03/31/1999 ABC News

Edifice Rex Hits the City

03/28/1999 New York Times

In All 5 Boroughs, A Robust Market Another Strong Year for Prices

03/01/1999 The Cooperator

The Real Estate Market: Demand Far Exceeds Supply

02/21/1999 New York Times

Lofty Prices Send Loft Pioneers In Search of New Frontiers

11/15/1998 New York Times

Multiple bids are fewer, but sales are up in most areas

09/19/1998 Minneapolis Star Tribune

For variety at a relative bargain, try Paris apartments

09/10/1998 New York Times

Pack a Vuitton Paris is a Deal

03/29/1998 New York Times

Manhattan Strength Lifts All Boroughs

02/14/1998 New York Times

Take That Dow Industrial! Manhattan Co-op Tops 2,000 A Foot

Showing 10549 - 10560 of 10559