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Shameless Self-promotion Redux: Blogging Hits Real Estate

Les Christie talks about blogging in real estate in his article Blog if you love real estate: Bloggers are changing the equation when it comes to buying a house or condo [CNN] [1]

Blogging has hit the real-estate industry…and it just may upend a marketplace known for inefficiency and restricted information.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of blogs covering real estate and they shine unfiltered lights on their subjects, reporting market gossip, innuendo, facts, opinion, virtually anything.

Brad Inman perhaps says it best: “Blogs are telling it like it is at the street level,” said Brad Inman of Inman News, a large real-estate news service. Inman said real-estate blogging began in the Bay area, took hold in New York and has now spread nationally.

Among the sites CNN singles out are Gothamist [2], Curbed [3] and yours truly Matrix [4].

If you are not sure what web snark is, check out the Curbed link [5] to the CNN story. I love Curbed’s in your face approach (and of course the Gothamist for the depth of its content).

“It’s not just local real-estate or neighborhood conditions that the bloggosphere highlights. Some, like real-estate research provider Jonathan Miller’s Matrix.millersamuel.com [4] take on different national issues.

“I come across information every day about the industry and my blog site is an opportunity to get my take out there,” said Miller, who offers practical advice and info for readers on subjects such as how real-estate deals are made, changes in government backed loan programs, and the direction of mortgage rates, to mention a few.””