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[SNL Goes Geitner] 1-800-Ideas?

Play the clip [1]

[Be patient for clip to load: Like waiting for financial stability: video takes about 2 minutes to load]

I’ve been a bit video-centric as of late. It’s simply amazing to think that the US Treasury Secretary can be parodied on SNL and most people get the humor. Geithner has gotten a pass [2] so far.

Here’s his proposed plan [3] submitted last month and press release. [4]

  1. Financial Stability Trust: A Comprehensive Stress Test for Major Banks, Increased Balance Sheet Transparency and Disclosure, Capital Assistance Program

  2. Public-Private Investment Fund ($500 Billion – $1 Trillion)

  3. Consumer and Business Lending Initiative (Up to $1 trillion)

  4. Transparency and Accountability Agenda – Including Dividend Limitation

  5. Affordable Housing Support and Foreclosure Prevention Plan

  6. A Small Business and Community Lending Initiative

Housing doesn’t rebound until financial stability is established.