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[In The Media] Real Estate Weekly Profile Of Jonathan Miller (The I Don’t Know Edition)

September 1, 2007 | 11:59 am | Public |

Last week, a profile article was published in Real Estate Weekly about me. I was surprised at the bold headline: Jonathan Miller: The man who knows but hey, I’ll take it, even though I don’t know how I got into this business. But I did win my NCAA basketball pool last spring so I must know something.

A special thanks to the writer Maggie Hawryluk for getting the story right.

John Cicero, MAI my partner in our commercial valuation firm Miller Cicero, LLC teased me about providing details about my personal interests in the piece but failing to mention our firm. Well I believe I did mention it in the interview, but I suppose the editors thought lobster fishing was more interesting than commercial valuation. Just kidding.

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[In The Media] ABC News – America This Morning Clip for 8-21-07

August 21, 2007 | 9:59 am | Public |

I was invited to appear on the early program for ABC News, America This Morning. I left my house at 3am to make it in time for the 4:42am live segment. The last time I was on the show, I learned the hard way that in order to function, I needed to get some sleep beforehand. I ended up with about 5 hours last night, so I didn’t feel too bad. As an added bonus, the people that run the show were very friendly and professional. A pleasure.

By the way, the streets of Manhattan are nearly empty and all the traffic lights are green at that time of the morning (really!).

This is a general overview piece that touched on the US housing market and my NY Times parking space study last month.

To play the clip. [Update: fixed link]


[In The Media] CNBC On The Money Clip for 8-13-07

August 13, 2007 | 11:56 pm | Public |

CNBC gave me a call this afternoon for this 7:30pm live appearance. Ilaina Jonas of Reuters wrote a story that got picked up by publications like the Washington Post and Eliot Brown of the New York Sun wrote a similar story about slipping high end market confidence. I thought Melissa Francis did a nice job with the interview.

To play the clip (better edited version coming).

This program was inspired by two highly successful Manhattan real estate brokers who indicated they have noticed a lower sense of urgency by purchasers of high end properties in recent weeks.

* Its the middle of August.
* Three weeks of constant hammering about the mortgage markets would cause any market to pause and reflect.
* I suspect bonuses won’t be significantly affected until 2009, but thats not to say 2008 bonuses couldn’t be tempered, but they are still expected to be higher than last year.
* The dollar remains week and inventory continues to fall.
* Its the middle of August.
* If the mortgage market has impacted buyer confidence and its only been a few weeks, its kind of tough to make a universal assumption that the market is significantly different because buyers are taking longer – thats 3 weeks by definition.
* If any of the 3 main factors causing unprecedented demand: bonuses, weak dollar and solid economy/reasonable mortgage rates, change significantly, the market has the potential to show weakness
* Prices aren’t spiraling out of control in Manhattan like we saw in 2004. There is elevated demand offset by a high level of new development entering the market, keeping prices in check, except for the very high end of the market (They’re rising).
* Speaking from my own experience (with deliberate intent to spread willful anecdotes but without malice), my own appraisal company set a record for sales in our first half of August.
* Oh yeah, its the middle of August so lets take some time off to reflect.

From the who says real estate isn’t porn department: Melissa’s other interview today in addition to my friend Owen Thomas at Valleywag who was on the segment before me.

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[In The Media] MSNBC 8-6-07 clip

August 6, 2007 | 9:08 pm | Public |

Well, I got a call on Sunday evening from MSNBC to comment on the housing market today. There’s been significant focus on housing lately (actually for the past 5 years) given the upheaval in the mortgage arena.

I have done a bunch of CNBC spots but this was my first on MSNBC – a lot of fun (although they spelled my company name incorrectly).

To play the clip.

The premise: Is this a good time to buy? is a loaded question. Whether or not someone should buy depends on affordability, purpose (such as for investment or owner occupancy), as well as the length of holding period, among a slew of other reasons.

However, its a questions many people want an answer to.

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[In The Media] The Real Deal Clip for 7-30-07

July 30, 2007 | 10:44 am | | TV, Videos |

The Real Deal Magazine which has experienced phenomenal growth and is a must-read reasource for the New York housing market, has made a real commitment to the videocast format and delivers new video content on their web site every week. Look for my regular new podcast feature, coming soon.

I just released my 2Q 2007 Long Island/Queens Market Overview for Prudential Douglas Elliman and this interview covers the results, with emphasis on Queens. You can download a copy of the report.

To watch the videocast.


[In The Media] ABC News Nightline, Fox 5 News Clips for 7-12-07

July 14, 2007 | 7:22 pm | | Public |

After Vivian Toy’s New York Times Page One article on parking spaces was published, I got calls from various media outlets interested in the expense dynamic of a lil’ ‘ole parkin’ space in Manhattan. It was a whirlwind day caused about the excitement of a quirky, fun, real estate topic.

Here are two of the clips:

ABC News Nightline

Fox 5 News

Its not over. I am scheduled for an appearance on Inside Edition on Wednesday as well. After that I’ll park myself on the couch.


[In The Media] TV Clip for 7-3-07

July 5, 2007 | 10:01 pm | Public |

Nicholas Yulico is a staff reporter for covering real estate and gaming in his column “Bricks & Mortar.”

This was one of 3 video clips I taped on the day the market report was released (7/3) so bear with me.

Play the clip (preceeded by a short commercial).


[In The Media] MarketWatch TV Clip for 7-3-07

July 5, 2007 | 9:42 pm | Public |

I always enjoy visiting the MarketWatch set. Its small, but efficient and everyone is professional (and has the best air conditioning of any set I’ve been on). I understand they get a lot of web traffic on their real estate video coverage. Paul Lin interviewed me this time. Always fun to do.

View the clip.


[In The Media] Bloomberg TV – On The Money Clip for 7-3-07

July 4, 2007 | 10:59 pm | | Public |

Video clip for Manhattan Market 2Q 2007 [Part I]

The interview touches on the key characteristics of the Manhattan real estate market this quarter and its contrarian position as compared to the national real estate market. In these clips, I was first interviewed by Kathleen Hays, who is an accomplished journalist. I have been interviewed by her before and she is very sharp, and also very good at making her guests feel relaxed, so she gets more out of the interview.

Bloomberg does a really great job at interconnecting their media properties. For example, when their newswire posts a story, the story is also covered on television and radio.

Here’s the second interview:

This is a subsequent interview where Kathleen interviews me as well as Elaine Clayman, a senior broker at Brown Harris Stevens.

Video clip for Manhattan Market 2Q 2007 results [Part II]

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[In The Media] BBC World Business Report Clip for 6-13-07

June 14, 2007 | 12:00 am | Public |

I have always loved watching BBC TV for news and listening to BBC radio because it provides an outsider’s perspective, a clinical interpretation of world events. I made the mistake of walking to the studio for this interview and it was very humid outside. Sort of like sitting in a sauna with a suit on (which I try not to do). The host Dharshini David, a former economist, is very personable and has the best British accent on television (if you take note of that sort of thing).

This clip covered the doubling of the number of foreclosures in the US as compared to the same period last year.

Foreclosures are rising as mortgage rates reset and homeowners can’t refinance their way out of trouble.

However, one of the reasons we have a higher potential for the number of foreclosures (versus percentages), is the fact that home ownership is near record levels at more than 68% of all households. The BBC and some economists (and one appraiser) suspect that the inflation threat is short lived. I suggest that the impact of the weakening US housing market has not had the opportunity to fully impact the US economy. Comprising 25% of GDP, housing plays a significant roll in the US economy and by rote, the global economy.

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[In The Media] Inman TV Clip for 6-4-07

June 7, 2007 | 11:22 am | | Public |

Real estate media magnate Brad Inman invited me to do a segment for Inman TV. I touched on appraisal pressure, foreign investment in real estate and the cause of the booming NYC real estate market.

I got to actually meet legend Jonathan Butler who was taping before me. Lockhart Steele of Curbed followed me (I felt like the marshmallow in a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich). Brad is doing some very cool frontline reporting of all things real estate.

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[In The Media] The Real Deal Clip for 5-14-07

May 14, 2007 | 1:29 pm | | Public |

The Real Deal Magazine which has experienced phenomenal growth and is a must-read reasource for the New York housing market, has made a real commitment to the videocast format and delivers new content on their web site every week.

Despite the fact Curbed teased me with the link at the end of last year: “Jonathan Miller has a lot of books” on the inaugural broadcast, The Real Deal promised to make the books look better and I think they succeeded.

Last week, I was interviewed for two articles on the Irish investment in New York residential real estate market (New York Times and AP) and little did I know the response they would garner. I have received calls from a number of developers looking for more information or to make introductions.

My parents recently informed me that I have ancestors going back to the mid-1800’s from Cork, Ireland. However, I don’t think qualifies me as having unique insight into the Irish real estate investment market. However, I did have the pleasure of meeting John Mehigan of Gumley Haft Keier Inc. a very sharp agent, who specializes in the Irish investment market and he has that insight.

To watch the videocast, our interview starts early on.


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