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[True Gotham] True Square Footage Is Multi-Dimensional

Episode I: Getting acquainted

True Gotham TV Episode One – New-York, NY 10021 – Video [1]

Doug Heddings, a leading (and sharp) real estate broker, webmaster of TrueGotham [2], and a man with a (floor) plan, seeks to shed light on one of the biggest issues in NYC real estate: square footage.

Here’s what he has to say [3] on the subject.

Doug invited an appraiser (you guessed it), an architect and a floorplan maker to measure and discuss the variations in square footage and the impact on the real estate market. I thought Doug’s selections were excellent as the guests were experienced, passionate and articulate about the subject matter. I learned a lot from them.

Its not a simple issue (and there are many, as you will see) so the discussion will be broken into multiple episodes.

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